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These are only a selection from the multitude of people that Michael has played, worked or toured with. If anyone has news of people not here, like Pete Berryman, Doug Morter, Prof Sutton, Richie Dharma and many others let us know using the e mail link at the base of the page


Ralph McTell guitarist & songwriter along with michael a veteran of the cornwall live circuit
Doug Morter Played live in Michaels mid seventies seven piece big band, inventive guitarist has also played with Albion Band, Maddy Prior, June Tabor, Jerry Donahue, Magna Carta. Gigged with Michael as (very) occasional duo in 90's
Don Nix Memphis based producer and musician. Producer and legend on Sayage Amusement
Danny O'Keefe Writer of I'm Sober Now which Michael recorded on Man Who Hated Mornings & Almost Alone
Paradise Location in Scarborough name checked in Postcards of Scarborough
Phoenix Studios Studios in Brampton where Michael has recorded Still Making Rain, Dreaming Out Loud, Twisted Road, The Black and White album, Kule to B Blue, Americana 1 , Americana 2
Maddy Prior Steeleye span vocalist 1970-, solo artist, Silly Sisters, Carnival Band etc etc. Sang on Deal Gone Down and has played live with Michael
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Prelude Vocally striking band who toured with Michael and contributed vocals to Deal Gone Down
Ragtime Millionaires Covered Michael's 'Andru's easy rider' on their 1996 Fellside album Life Is Good Sometimes
Andy Richards Keyboard player on Life On The Ceiling
Andy Roberts Hasn't played with Michael but does have 2 good Chapman covers on the internet
Rockfield Studios Studio used for some of sessions for Wrecked Again
The Mick Ronson Website (very thorough fan site) Guitarist on Fully Qualified Survivor & Man Who Hated Mornings
Tom Rush Writer of Rockport Sunday track that Michael has recorded a few times
Sawmills Studios Infamous Cornish Recording studios-site of Mr Hartleys legendary underwater research
Show Of Hands Live institution who did an excellent cover of No song to sing on their 'Covers' cd
Bridget St John Iconic melancholic singer songwriter who recorded for Dandelion in early 1970s, toured wth Michael and sang on the Deal Gone Down album
Bridget St John Wikipedia website with good overview
Steeleye Span Legendary English Folk group one time home for Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp. Michael has toured with them
Steeleye Span
Steffi Stephan Bass player on Pleasures Of The Street Michael's 1975 live album
Al Stewart Fellow guitarist & singer Michael toured with him recently
Jack Teagarden Trombone player, distinctive singer, Jazz Icon name checked in The Mallard 'Teagarden's singing that we're just friends'
Danny Thompson English Bass Playing institution. member of Pentangle, Songhi, Whatever and has played with everyone else-played on Rainmaker
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Richard Thompson The great English Guitarist & Songwriter long time Chapman fan
Triste Excellent Magazine covering roots music with a good eye for Alt Country, Songwriters and melancholia. So naturally they feature Michael. Archive features appreciation of Fully Qualified Survivor and review of Michael live
Keith Warmington Vocalist, Guitarist, Harmonica Player, Broadcaster. Played on Dreaming Out Loud and Twisted Road. Also played live with Michael as part of Bristol Blue trio
Peter Wood Keyboard player on Savage Amusement

Michael Chapman related Sites.

Artists Direct (brief biog & downloads also list

of Michael's songs)

Fylde Guitars

Les Kneelings Site music that means something

Myspace - Michaels myspace site

Peelenium John Peel lists tracks of 20th C including a certain 'hit' of Michael's

Rockpalast biog & listing for radiocast concert 03/78

A video (it isn't Michael playing) on open tuning pieces for guitar and at least three of the pieces are Michael's pieces if not his playing click here to visit

Record Labels

BGO Records are in the process of re-releasing Rainmaker, Fully Qualified Survivor, Window, Wrecked Again & Millstone Grit

Mooncrest Records

released The Growing Pains Series

Mystic Records UK

released Twisted Road


Secret Records

re-released Deal Gone Down, Savage Amusement & Man Who Hated Mornings. Also released the excellent Journeyman live DVD.

See For Miles Records re-released Fully Qualified Survivor & Michael Chapman lived here on CD both available through Magpie Mail order

Siren Records

released Americana (follow links to mail order

Strange Fruit Records

BBC Sessions


Parent label for Michael's Rural Retreat Records. Released Americana 2 re-released Heartbeat & have others in stock
Fully Qualified Survivors
Singer songwriter directory    
Jackson C Frank    
Bert Jansch    
John Renbourn    
Buying Chapman
Ebay This is a direct link to Ebay an excellent source of everything Chapman. Excellent prices on new cds and collectable versions of the original Lps and cds. Click here to go straight to the Michael Chapman listing page
Guitarcds.net Excellent site offering a great selection of Chapman cds
Tescos (no really) A huge selection of Chapman cds and sensible prices

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