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English Musick
High Wide & Handsome
Loop The Loop
Normal Norman
Pipe Dreams
Revival Time
Rockport Sunday
Scholarly Man

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BAND 4 (on original LP)

Tune to DADGAD.  This tuning is used extensively in traditional English music, but also has an oriental flavour due to the drone effects which can be created.  The first part has a strange sort of timing, but these are the notes.
The next part is the melody of 'She moved through the fair' and is picked out on the 3rd and 4th strings using single notes in free timing, the other strings being strummed occasionally producing the drone effect of sympathetic strings.  The piece continues with an improvisation on the following chords, hammering on and pulling off the treble strings with the little finger of the left hand.
Repeat this phrase then on to a barre on the 5th fret and same again but end with
Repeat the above phrase 4 times then just pick the next part using these chords.


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