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"An artist is not just one who is inspired, but one who can inspire others" Salvador Dali

Here are some examples of tablature to take you through some of Michael's songs and instrumentals.

Play Guitar The Easy Way Michaels 'instruction' instrumental album from 1978, you havent got the sound files, but here is an online version of the booklet with tablature for an LPs worth of instrumentals.

Tunings - list of all of Michaels recorded songs up until 1978 with their tunings

Among the Trees Classic dreamy ode to doing not very much in the woods in Hawnby. Tablature and lyrics.

In The Valley Michael's anthem to loss and regret also with some stunning playing. Another from the Hawnby songbook. Versions appear on Window, Pleasures of the street, Almost Alone & Original Owners.

Fool In The Night A more recent classic, recorded on a few occasions (Navigation 1990, Still Making Rain & Dreaming Out Loud)

The Hero Returns An ode to coming home from 1973's Millstone Grit. Album track features the african thumb piano styled electric guitar and tight trio playing.

Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime infectous instrumental first released on Fully Qualified Survivor and also available on the BBC Sessions cd

One Time Thing A song off Rainmaker that describes one of the distractions for the travelling guitar player and journeyman.

Postcards of Scarborough Michael's hit and probably most famous song. Ragtime intro to Postcards of Scarborough new

Rainmaker Atmospheric instrumental off Michael's debut album of the same name

Uncle Jack An instrumental dedicated to Jack Teagarden (jazz trombone player and laid back vocalist name checked on The Mallard), Michael's Uncle Jack apparently a legendary drinker and of course Jack Daniels

Guitar related links

Dave Artus has a website with other transcriptions of guitar pieces his site

Andy Roberts plays Wrecked Again & Postcards of Scarborough

A video (it isn't Michael playing) on open tuning pieces for guitar and at least three of the pieces are Michael's pieces if not his playing click here to visit

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments.

Download Player and Editing software

Among the trees Naked Ladies & Electric Ragtime

Sometimes new

Dewsbury Road New York Ladies Strangers Map Of Texas new
Dewsbury Road 2 No Song To Sing You Say
Hero returns One Time Thing  
In The Valley 1 Postcards Of Scarborough  
In The Valley 2 Postcards Of Scarborough 2 new  
In The Valley 3 new Scholarly Man  


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